Monday, June 1, 2015

My poetry problem: Update

"Dear Maya,

"We are very pleased to notify you that we have chosen your poem, specified below, to be included in the 2015 issue of Tule Review.

"This issue is due for release in November of 2015. We will begin further editing in June. We may be in touch at that time if we have questions or concerns.

"The editors and staff congratulate you on your success. We look forward to seeing you in print.

"Editor-in-Chief, Tule Review 2015"

Tule, pronounced "tool-ey," is a Central American word (adopted by Spanish settlers) for the low, marshy land of Northern California where reeds grow.  Bay Area elk and fog are referred to as "tule elk" and "tule fog." 

And may I just say, I am trule happy to have my poem published.  (Maybe there is a place for poems that rhyme in this incomprehensible modern world?)

Onward & upward.

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