Sunday, March 8, 2015

1,000 words

Blogs need photos, and I have photos!  Hundreds of them, maybe thousands.  If they do not depict (1) my children, or (2) Pokémon characters in a blurry shot of the TV, they are most likely TPOATH, or Terrible Photos of Objects Around the House.

What's that, you say?  No one is interested in TPOATH?

Here's the thing:

Once you accept that you are not a world-traveling law professor or a SAHM with an adorable lifestyle-aesthetic, you're pretty much stuck with what I like to call "the dross of daily life," and a smudged camera phone.

And when you come upon Skipper the Penguin -- hiding under the bed, wearing a diamond necklace, and looking as if he's been caught in some unspeakable act, but also fabulous  -- that can actually be pretty cool.

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